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Mayan EDMS

Mayan EDMS is an open source solution for Document Management that takes into account the challenges within small enterprises. The product is 100% free and delivers a stable platform for future expansion and development. i-Kno chose Mayan EDMS as a future path for product development, as the platform can be deployed on virtually any environment. The main attraction for i-Kno within Mayan is that Mayan is built upon the Django framework and as such rapid development of vertical solutions can easily be done within the environment, thus allowing custom development to happen really fast.

In addition to the rapid development environment, Mayan can be deployed on very, very small devices such as Raspberry PI’s. This allows document management to be distributed over a wide geographical area within small distributed offices where connectivity is a challenge. The solution allows for offline Document Management in remote offices and once connectivity is established with a central repository the devices synchronise seamlessly with the repository, where data will be safe and secured.

i-Kno has extended Mayan with workflow capabilities and these extensions will be contributed back to the open source community within the next couple of months.

Mayan is totally free and allows small enterprises to share in the benefits of Enterprise Content Management, previously only available to large organisations. With current legislative and compliance requirements, Mayan and the use thereof can benefit all organisations to comply with those laws and regulations.

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