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Legal Records

The Legal Industry understands the risk of not keeping proper Business Records better than any other industry. With current legislation such as the Protection of Private Information Act (2013), keeping of proper records are more important than ever before. Not only do organisations need to keep records for certain periods of time, but certain information is not allowed to be kept for long periods of time according to the Act.

i-Kno's Solutions are geared towards the proper management of those records into a forward-thinking Records & Information Management program. Not only will our solutions ensure that your records are kept safe, but our Solutions will warn you in advance of records that need to be destroyed or records that need to be reviewed.

i-Kno's Services and Solutions for the Legal Industry include:

  • Easy search and retrieval of relevant Records and Information.
  • Risk mitigation with comprehensive retention policies.
  • Secure and certified destruction of Records when necessary through our partners.
  • Development and Maintenance of a comprehensive Records & Information Management program to comply with the proper legislation and regulations.
  • Needs assessment, including identifying risk exposure, in terms of the condition of your Records.
  • Securing of paper files.
  • Development of emergency plans.
  • Easy transition to Electronic Legal Records.
  • Bar-coded offsite storage of Paper Records.
  • Accessibility to records across the network through defined permissioning structures.
  • Compliant Scanning / Digitisation and Indexing of Records for instantaneous access.
  • Scan on demand services for quick delivery of information.
  • Paper and digital retrievals.
  • Mobile access to Records.
  • Cloud or On-premise Storage of digitised Records.

Focus on serving your client's needs and the success of your firm, rather than being concerned with the safekeeping of your Records.

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