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Mobile Development

Delivering content to both your client's and employee's mobile devices, has never been easier. With our unique content solutions, custom mobile delivery ensures that content reaches the right person at the right time.

With mobile technology taking centre stage in today's world, organisations can make advancements in delivering content on-time to their employees. Mobile content delivery enables clients and employees to always have the right content at hand when required.

Our expertise in content management and our understanding of the unique requirements of our clients, allows us to develop the most effective mobile applications for content capture and delivery.

Employees are on the road, at clients and need the right content at their fingertips at the right time. We have both generic content capture and delivery applications and can develop the right application for the needs of any organisation.

Our solutions run on iOS and Android devices, thus making provision for over 95% of all mobile devices. These solutions can also be made available to other type of devices should our clients require it.