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Intelligent Scanning

Affordable intelligent paper scanning techniques enables companies to have all their paper documents available online.

We use intelligent scanning techniques to capture, convert and route digital documents to simplify information management by allowing users to quickly, easily and securely share hardcopy information.

Our unique automatic document classification and extraction methods make the classification of business documents a breeze for organisations. By utilising the latest technology and putting that technology to good use, can our solutions deliver any paper document to the right person every time. We reduce the amount of human involvement during classification and indexing, thus reducing the long term costs associated with paper capture.

We provide both the solutions and the scanning services to enable organisations to get to their paper documents quickly. 

Our solution is web-based, thus reducing the cost of both workstations and scanners, as any workstation can now scan documents. The need for expensive scanners to reduce the cost of scanning in the records office is now something of the past. Any user can scan a document as it arrives at their desk. Employees in the field can take a picture of the document using their mobile phone and the document will already be processed while they are on the road.

Not only does our solution cater for paper documents, but any document (email, fax, local document or mobile document), can now follow the exact same process for classification and indexing.

After automatic classification and indexing, depending on the document type and extracted data, the document can be routed to the right person within the organisation. Invoices can be routed to accounts, contracts to legal, purchase orders to supply chain and much much more.

i-Kno assists organisations to implement the solutions onsite, thus allowing them to do the capturing themselves, or it can be configured offsite where i-Kno will do the capturing for them.