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Enterprise Search

With Content being everywhere (in databases, on paper, in document management systems, on the web), people need to get to this content fast and effectively. Enterprise search is how organisations helps their employees to seek the information they need from anywhere, in any format, from anywhere whether inside their company or mobile on the road.

Retrieving and getting to the right information at the right time saves a lot of time and makes both employees and companies much more effective.

To achieve fast access and fast retrieval is much more than just having fast and powerful search tools, content needs to be organised and classified into the right structures to ensure the correct retrieval. Search is not just search anymore, content cannot just be indexed based on the information contained within them. Search is the art and science of making content easy to find.

Take as an example an invoice with line items. If we would index the invoices based on the information contained on the invoice, finding a specific invoice becomes problematic. We might want to search for all invoices that we received from a specific supplier. Our search would not only retrieve the invoices that was received from this supplier, but would retrieve any document or invoice where the supplier's name appears, it could be in a line item, or an invoice that we issued to the supplier or a contract that was made between ourselves and the supplier. This type of indexing could result in a multitude of content items displayed and the employee still not able to retrieve the right content.

The art and science of indexing and classifying content, such as metatagging, categorisation and taxonomies, all of which has to do with information organisation, are key to efficiently getting content back out of your various systems.

Search Strategy

i-Kno assists organisations to define a Search Strategy that includes a comprehensive roadmap to your search implementation. Developing a search strategy helps you to ensure that search is not a "cast in stone" afterthought but rather an integral part of information management in your company.

Search Audit

i-Kno will investigate and do a search audit on your current search implementation. Many organisations have invested in search but they have not yet seen the benefits of their investment. Our audit and results can drastically improve your satisfaction and give you the required return on investment.

Search Implementation

Even if you have implemented the best search engine on the market, it can't make up for a poorly defined strategy, misunderstood requirements or sloppy metadata. We will guide you through the process and steps to ensure that you get the most out of your implementation.