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i-Kno helps organisations to meet the evolving challenges of today's content management environments. By leveraging our expertise in taxonomy, classification, metadata, extraction and content architecture we make sense of the clutter and enables organisations to achieve the maximum benefit from their content.

Our approach is to understand the organisation, it's strategies and business goals, thus seeing the forest rather than the trees. We make content and information findable by the right people, at the right time every time they need it. By building the right taxonomies, index analysis and KM dashboards geared towards content intelligence, we enable organisations to move swiftly toward their business goals aligned to their strategies.

Enterprise Content Management involves much more than buying an ECM. The intricacies of a successful content management implementation is about understanding how people, systems, business processes and content intersect.

Our consulting services help you understand all these intersections. We assist you with knowledge continuity by helping you to establish the governance and content management policies needed to ensure valuable content is stored, managed and re-used efficiently.

By helping you to define the data models and content type definitions we ensure that you get maximum reusability of your content. The correct definition of these models ensure that documents can be found easily and within seconds.

We pride ourselves on understanding your business and helping you to create a comprehensive content strategy that is aligned with both your business strategy and your organisation's objectives. We understand the links between business strategy, taxonomies and content and as such can build the correct content models and definitions.