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January 2014

ElasticSearch & Solr

i-Kno only uses the best, tested and supported open source software that is available. We leverage the advantages of ElasticSearch and Apache Solr to build fast, innovative enterprise search systems, that can either be on-premise or within the cloud.

Office Transformation

When using open source document management systems, such as Alfresco and Mayan, most of them uses OpenOffice or LibreOffice to do their transformations to pdf in the background. The transformations that are done by OpenOffice and other non Microsoft solutions tend to get the transformations wrong and as such some information might be lost during transformations.

Mayan EDMS

Mayan EDMS is an open source solution for Document Management that takes into account the challenges within small enterprises. The product is 100% free and delivers a stable platform for future expansion and development. i-Kno chose Mayan EDMS as a future path for product development, as the platform can be deployed on virtually any environment.

Enterprise Search

With data scattered all over an organisation and with the exponential growth of data, the importance of having one centralised view of your data is becoming more crucial by the minute. Furthermore, data is not only scattered within your organisation’s servers, but are scattered across the Internet and across the devices of your employees.

National Intellectual Property Management Office

National Intellectual Property Management Office

The National Intellectual Property Management Office (NIPMO) was established in mid-2011 in terms of the Act to promote and manage the objects of the Act.