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About us


Knowledge and information have become the medium in which business problems occur. Effective management of knowledge and information represents the primary opportunity for achieving substantial savings, significant improvements in human performance, and competitive advantage. i-Kno has perfected the application of open source solutions to the business problems of today.

i-Kno invest in lateral thinking, a drive for excellence and a passion for solving challenging business problems to ensure we innovate not imitate. It's not just a business problem for the top 500 companies, small companies need formal approaches to knowledge management even more, because they don't have the market leverage, inertia, and resources that these big companies do. Small companies need to be much more flexible, more responsive, and more "right" (make better decisions) - because even small mistakes can be fatal to them.


i-Kno has been in the content business since 2005 and has implemented content management solutions since. i-Kno became a full partner of Aflresco in 2008. During i-Kno's history with ECM we have deployed Alfresco in a range of client bases, ranging from small to very large organisations.

i-Kno has experience from government, education, mining, IT, finance to various other vertical segments. i-Kno's experience range from simple Alfresco deployments to fully fledged integrated workflow environments involving thousands of users.

In 2013, i-Kno became a platinum partner of Ephesoft and ensured that the solutions that we provide fully encompasses, not only content management but also content capturing. 

Extending our solution offering further, i-Kno became a partner of CoSign for the implementation of Digital Signatures to our various clients. CoSign is well defined and integrates seamlessly with our solutions, thus extending the capabilities of our offerings.

2014 saw the extension of i-Kno's product offerings to that of Seafile and eXo Platform. With the addition of these two products, we find ourselves in a position where we can provide content solutions to every sector and every size business. Both Seafile and eXo is very cost effective and allows small organisations to have the same capabilities in regards to content and collaboration than those of larger organisations. 


i-Kno's client base extends far beyond the borders of South-Africa as we have clients in Madagascar, Lesotho, Canada and are pursuing other opportunities on a daily basis. i-Kno's clients include the likes of North West University, Department of Science and Technology, Ambatovy, Sherritt International and many more.


i-Kno pride ourselves on not only implementing products, but providing solutions to our clients. This includes solutions such as ISO Compliance Management, Study Material Management, Grants Management and various others.

i-Kno has extended their offerings in 2013 to that of Intelligent Data Capture. Traditional data capture organisations would capture each document and piece of data using manual inputs. This can quickly become expensive and error-prone. With our intelligent solutions, very little human interaction is needed to capture documents and data, as the data is intelligently extracted from documents and other sources of data, such as data screens and old systems.

i-Kno has proven over the years, that we have the necessary expertise, know-how and partnerships to implement open source products successfully from small to large institutions, ranging from a few users to thousands of users.